Our sweet wines

Sweet wines

Half of the grapes is late harvested at the end of October with more or less consistent development of the Noble Rot; the other half withers in vine. Spontaneous fermentation of the must in French oak barrels and subsequent maturation in the same barrels for at least 20 months. Additional 24 months of ageing in bottle. Suitable for very long ageing; particular vintages can age over 40 years.

Vineyard’s Geographical Location

Cialla Valley in the commune of Prepotto (Udine) – Friuli.


Picolit/Picoliscjs; 1.03.94 ha; terraced hills; soil: Eocene marl; South exposure; altitude: 250-300 m; family-owned.
Average age of vines: 25 + years.

Grape variety

100% Picolit


Gold yellow, vivid and bright.


Full and exceptionally elegant bouquet: an exhilarating aroma of acacia flowers and candied orange peel; considerable minerality and spicy notes.

Tasting notes

Sweet but balanced, firm and aristocratic; it has decisive vigour and reflects with great elegance the olfactory repertoire.


Sweet White


Great "meditation" wine, but also excels on foie gras, spicy cheeses and dry pastry.

Serving temperature


Serving suggestions

Uncork the bottle upon serving


Bordeaux type, white, to be stored flat.


Cork from MM Ø 26 x 44.

Suggested wine glass

Small cup with edge that closes lightly; filled to not more than half -almost to highlight its rarity- it retains the aroma within itself or makes it one with the taste.

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